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If your looking for unbiased, entertaining content then you’ve come to the wrong place because the real world is cutthroat so wipe that smile off your face Barbie and say goodbye to your Neopet, play time is over. Forget "morals" or "fun" this is strictly business, husky biz. Let me tell you what your problem is. What your not getting is that life, real life, isn't about being happy. It's about building an empire and that's where HuskyBiz comes into play and don't you dare forget it. I upset myself writing this so I'm going to bang on a piano!


Everyone who sees Nova wants to give her some loving but that means interacting with me and we'd rather not, I get it. Women don’t want to go through the process of giving me a fake number but please understand that your pretty and if I don't try I'm not taking control of my life. Guys aren’t interested in dealing with me sizing them up and trying to assert dominance over them simply because I’m looking to restore my ego after another girl gave me the number to poison control. I only blame myself but I can't change so how else could this be solved? The natural solution is a a Nova website, posing as a broader "husky" website, that spams pictures of Nova all across the internet and allows you to witness her without getting harassed by me.

Therefore all credit for HuskyBiz goes to Nova, who's always keeping it real. This doesn't mean you email me speaking as if I'm a dog and referring to my "owner" - Don't Do That. If you do I'll reply to your email in only "woofs" and then nobody wins. Clearly I'm a person but am Nova-inspired. Content topics include all aspects of husky life including lifestyle, memes, nutrition, activities, spreadsheets and more.


Since the dawn of our relationship with our canine friends, they have been persecuted and segregated against like no other simply for the color of their skin, Russian ancestry, species and even their poop. I have a dream that one day my my four-legged husky will one day live in a nation where she is not judged by the color of her fur, her poop or the content of her character, because that also wouldn’t be good, but by her cute face and stunning eyes. We at HuskyBiz are quite social justice warriors at the forefront of the husky rights movement quickly gaining buzz around the world. While we get why cats are discriminated against, that’s for good reason, there is no reason why my wittle husky can't come into restraunts with me. No one there would care and eating hair is good for you.

This all foreshadows the overall theme of - that we're shamelessly husky bias. As a grassroots business that specializes in business, husky biz, we're obligated to do what's in the best interest of our stakeholders, Siberian and Alaskan huskies with malamute and Klee Kai interests also considered. This means all content will take the side of the husky and all huskies will be given the benefit of doubt. If a husky bit you, you probably deserved it. If a husky doesn't pay you any mind or gives you the stink eye it's because your a bad person and they sense that.Now while I love a chubby corgi every now and then, this is a husky website so shade may be thrown the the way of a corgi or two, strictly due to husky business formality.

Additionally, this loyalty means we're never selling out to brands. All our content, especially where we rank products, are not sponsored or influenced by external forces. The only monetary investment we potentially would have is from Google Adsense and/or Amazon Affiliates, both of which would be independent of any products. It is likely governments or secret societies will threaten or bribe us to push their agendas but we will never kneel to their pressure and you can bet on that.


I once met a homeless man with a fetish for feet. The dark side of him was that he wasn't out and open about it, instead using his cunning way with words to decieve and coherse others into showing their feet, and by others I'm talking about me. Sketchers make great shoes so by all accounts there wasn't any reason for suspicion when he asked about their quality. (It wasn't until As I took my shoe off to allow him to inspect its insole things began to take a turn. I noticed he wasn't even looking at my shoe; instead he was fixated on my sock-covered foot, dangling gracefully a few inches off the ground. It would make sense shoe afficonados are also sock afficionados but I knew my Dickie's brand socks were nothing to gawk at for such a revered man. It was all a ruse and The violation was real. There is less of a slope to the top of my feet than your average male's foot. When I was young I learned from my dad this is what allows me run fast even though I've always been pretty slow. Looking back on this experience I understand how important privacy is. It's less of a matter of what we decide to hide and more so having the choice to keep it private. By this man's own standards my my feet were a 6 out of 10, nothing to be ashamed of, yet I still HuskyBiz was created with this experience in mind. In our current state we are a completely free and all-inclusive business with no need for names, numbers and emails - We don't want your information, honestly I hardly want my own. I woudn't even know what to do with yours if I did have it other than look you up on facebook. Therefore don't try give us any information and we won't ask for it. If this changes we'll rewrite our privacy policy but until then this policy is honestly pointless since we have nothing of yours to be responsible for, just the way we like it.
HuskyBiz is a propietary, secret technology. Any commercial use of our content, databases, robots, heliplanes or other technologies without the expressed written consent of HuskyBiz CEO Nova is strictly prohibited.

Use for Educational purposes is allowed and encouraged. Things like research papers and PowerPoint are all free-use without consent or credit. For further reading on commercial vs educational uses, read our fair use clause here, which doesn't exist, but with any effort I'll have that link send you somewhere pertaining to copyright.


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